Process Control

Our team of process control specialists have a wealth of experience in applying a range of control techniques


Process control is a key engineering discipline that is widely applied across multiple industries to ensure economic, reliable, and safe production.

Our process control services and capabilities encompass the following areas:

  • Gas Compressors
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Gas Systems
  • Separation & Oil Export
  • Produced Water
  • Water Injection
  • Storage & Loading Systems
  • Refining Processes
  • Utility Systems


We provide consultancy services to assist our clients in addressing all process control related issues:

  • Uptime – Reducing lost revenue through shutdown and start-up investigation and implementation of intelligent solutions.
  • Optimisation – Application of advanced process control techniques to innovate and maximise production.
  • Legislative requirements – Reducing flaring, energy consumption, oil in water discharge through controller optimisation.
  • Stability – Optimising the control layer to improve the responsiveness to process upsets delivering safer, more consistent production.
  • Throughput – Developing existing process control designs to accommodate changing production profiles and throughput requirements


Our team of process control specialists have a wealth of experience in applying a range of control techniques, including:

  • PID Control
  • Cascade Control
  • Ratio Control
  • Override Control
  • Sequences
  • Batch Control
  • Tuning & Optimisation

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