Solve is an engineering productivity and work management platform provided as a Software as a Service

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Solve is a Software as a Service (SaaS) engineering platform where stakeholders in different organisations can collaborate effectively and efficiently.  Solve reduces CAPEX and OPEX by:

  • Ensuring the right people, do the right thing, at the time time
  • Ensuring high-performance is achieved by setting the right goals, for the right people, in the right way
  • Ensuring the right information is made available, to the right people, in the right way

Key Features

Enhanced Collaboration – Solve focuses on simplifying the engineering process and enables effective collaboration by demystifying complex subjects.

Customisable – A modular architecture enables Solve to fulfil a range of use cases across the lifecycle.

Engineering Management – Building on the core ISET functionality, Solve provides multi-discipline engineering and knowledge management functionality.

AI Assisted Engineering – Solve utilises advanced machine learning capabilities to assist with the efficient production of engineering deliverables.

Functional Safety Management

Solve enables effective and efficient end to end functional safety management

  • Expanding on the ISET functional safety module and associated compute engine, Solve provides advanced reporting and dashboard capabilities.
  • Simplifies and demystifies the safety lifecycle such that all stakeholders can collaborate effectively
  • Ensures the right people, do the right thing, at the right time via automated engineering processes and workflows
  • Provides a repeatable process that ensures the efficient execution of engineering tasks and activities
  • Provides a blueprint for delivering complex scopes
  • Provides a governance framework that helps mitigate delivery risk
  • Controls the engineering performance on complex scopes using simplified progress, productivity, and quality indicators
  • Ensures all stakeholders share a common goal and vision for success and allows tailored goals for individuals and organisations
  • Ensures performance accountability across organisations.
  • Promotes cross-function and multi-discipline co-operation.
  • Ensures all stakeholders have visibility of all performance indicators, which prevents underperformance being disguised or hidden while providing recognition for high performers.

Performance Management

Solve promotes and maintains a culture of high-performance through continuous improvement and goal striving

Knowledge Management

Solve applies knowledge management techniques and practices that reduce complexity and optimises delivery of workscopes across the lifecycle

  • Solve ensures better and faster decision making by making it easier to find relevant information and resources.
  •  Solve provides the ability to communicating important information widely and quickly.
  • Solve promotes the adoption of standards, repeatable processes, and procedures.
  • Solve provides methods, tools, templates, techniques and examples that enable efficiency production of high-quality deliverables

Engineering Management

  • Control and co-ordination of all engineering tasks and activities across the lifecycle – project delivery through to operations and maintenance

  • Ensures a consistent and appropriate level of independent verification is applied to each engineering activity or lifecycle phase

  • Competency management framework that ensures all engineering activities are completed by appropriate resources

  • A framework to provide effective technical assurance across the lifecycle through reviews, assessments, and audits

Road Map

Launching in 2023

Functional Safety & C&E Modules

ISET Feature Parity

Management Modules

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