Fire & Gas

We offer a comprehensive set of fire and gas services encompassing all detection technologies, including performance-based design (fire and gas mapping), operations, maintenance and obsolescence management


Our fire and gas services and capabilities encompass the following areas:

  • Philosophy Development
  • Fire Zone Performance Requirements
  • Mapping & Layouts
  • System Design & Engineering
  • Testing, Installation & Commissioning
  • Maintenance Strategy & Procedures
  • Modifications & Upgrades
  • Obsolescence & Vulnerability Management
  • Phased Decommissioning

Gas Analysis

We perform analysis of currently installed F&G systems against defined performance requirements to ensure regulation compliance. The analysis considers the following areas:

  • Fire detection
  • Gas detection
  • Manual call points
  • Fixed firefighting systems
  • F&G system operator interfaces
  • F&G system overrides philosophy
  • F&G system interfaces (ESD system, sirens, electrical packages, HVAC system, fire water pumps)
  • F&G system control and executive action response upon detection of fire and gas events.

Performance Requirements

We provide specialist consultancy services to define the performance requirements listed below for each fire zone specific for the client’s plant or installation.

  • Location and ventilation
  • Gas Hazards – Release sources and ignition source
  • Fire Hazards – Grades for process and non- process
  • Detection requirement per type
  • Active and passive fire protection
  • Control / executive actions

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