The Instrumented Systems Engineering Tool (ISET) is our Windows desktop application that enables end to end functional safety management and systems engineering within a common environment


ISET is an engineering tool that significantly lowers the total cost of ownership associated with control and safety systems:

  • Reduction in OPEX by taking credit for spurious trips – reduced maintenance hours
  • Improved production efficiency by minimising planned shutdown durations – reduced maintenance frequencies
  • CAPEX savings by automating the engineering process – reduced engineering hours and system supplier costs

Return On Investment

Conservative return on investment estimate (based on 300 Safety Instrumented Functions):

  • 4000 direct hours –  annual reduction in maintenance
  • 5 days – annual reduction in shutdown duration
  • £1,500,000  – one-off reduction in system supplier costs (initial project delivery)
  • £300,000 – annual reduction in system supplier costs (assuming 3 x minor mods per year)
  • £1,000,000 – one-off reduction in engineering contractor costs (initial project delivery)
  • £200,000 – annual reduction in engineering contractor costs (assuming 3 x minor mods per year)

Cost Effective

ISET enables cost effective functional safety management

  • Integrated approach – streamlines design interfaces
  • Simplified engineering process – reduces reliance on specialist resources
  • Live compliance monitoring and reporting – faster decision making and planning
  • End to end verification and validation – enforces standard compliance
  • Design simulation and automatic build – reduces design and implementation defects
  • Evergreen safety requirement specifications – enforces correct management of change

Assures Quality

ISET assures quality and improves process safety

Mitigates Risk

ISET mitigates project delivery risks

  • Enhanced collaboration and information management –  ensures all stakeholders work with common data
  • Design change flexibility – minimises rework
  • Auto testing – reduces defects found during commissioning

Key Features

Functional Safety

A complete set of functional safety management tools from hazard identification, IL determination, IL verification through to live reliability monitoring and safety performance management.


A modular application designed from the end user’s perspective

Auto Generation

Auto generation of application programs and test scripts directly from design specifications (including reverse engineering).

Quality Management

An inherent quality management system that removes all ambiguity between specification and implementation, underpinned by a test-driven development approach.

Integrated Safety Lifecycle

  • Each phase of the safety lifecycle can be completed and managed within a common environment
  • Integrated approach makes transitioning between phases more efficient and improves quality
  • Helps to maintain a clear line of sight from SIF to hazard (a frequent FSA finding)
  • Ensures all stakeholders within the end user, engineering contractor, and system supplier can work to a common process and with consistent data
  • Significantly streamlines the FSA, auditing, and verification processes
  • Combines SRS and design / engineering phases – significant cost savings through auto application program generation and auto testing


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