Case Study

Gas Compression Sequence Control Upgrade


A major UK oil and gas operator have several centrifugal gas compressors that suffered from start-up sequence lockups or abortive starts, leading to significant production losses.

We were  engaged to design, implement and commission new gas compressor start-up sequences to improve operability and minimise lost production.

Our Scope

Specification and redevelopment of start-up and shutdown sequences on 4 gas compressor trains to provide a lock-step approach between the ICSS and UCP. 

Management of the system supplier, including project delivery, document approval, and FAT acceptance.

Development of the commissioning strategy and associated procedures, ensuring the commissioning boundaries are suitable whilst ensuring the operational impact and production downtime are minimised.

Act as the offshore commissioning authority with overall responsibility for the safe and effective delivery of the project.


Following successfully factory acceptance testing, the new sequences were installed and commissioned at site.  This consisted of both static and dynamic commissioning and supporting the operating team throughout start-up.

The new sequences successfully addressed the lock-up and abortive start issues while also improving the operator interface to better diagnose faults associated with field equipment.


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