Case Study

F&G System Vulnerability Assessment


Large parts of a F&G System on a UK offshore installation had been assessed as obsolete with limited options for technical support.  An increase in failure rates for key components had been reported. 

We were engaged to study the options available to address the obsolescence issues in a cost-effective manner.

Our Scope

Complete an assessment of the F&G system in terms of condition and vulnerability in sufficient detail to establish suitable upgrade options.

The vulnerability assessment to cover the following components and key aspects:

  • System Architecture
  • Logic Solvers
  • I/O Subsystem and Marshalling Cabinets
  • Operator Display Units & Matrix Panels
  • Power Supplies
  • Field Detection Device Interfaces


Review the communications infrastructure, protocols, and interfaces such that a system migration can be executed with production online


A survey of the installation was completed, documenting and describing all aspects of the existing F&G system.

Following analysis of the survey findings, a vulnerability assessment was completed for each key subsystem. Upgrade options were developed on a sliding scale of cost and complexity. 

The options were presented to the client’s management and technical assurance teams for consideration ahead of project initiation.


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